02:03 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #6547: Auto adjust Window Size doesn't activate properly
Sorry I didn't test more, it was pretty late when I posted the video.
I was planning on showing other games, backe...
03:44 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #6547: Auto adjust Window Size doesn't activate properly
That's with the netplay rev I had on hand, but it hasn't changed.
12:32 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #6547 (Won't fix): Auto adjust Window Size doesn't activate properly
**READ THIS: <<<
<b>Your answers are here!**</b>


10:03 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #5610: Mario kart DD dashing bug.
Issue confirmed on 1st-Gen i3, Idle Skipping on. Haven't tested with it off.
Though, I don't know if it would matte...
09:59 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #5751: motion plus becomes un-calibrated in Skyward Sword after swordplay
I can confirm this bug. It seems to do this to a tiny extent on the real Wii over a 30-60min period, but 1 or 2 swor...
09:53 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #5904: Text in Render window actually slows emulation
I don't know crap about graphics coding, but I took a peek at the code for the FPS display, and it just looked plain ...


08:19 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #5761: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - random freezing + hanging if happens while showing Ocarina notes
Have you tested this on the Virtual Console WAD in Dolphin? That would be helpful.


03:25 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #5084: Skyward sword freeze
If you were not a dirty pirate, you would know EXACTLY how to do that.


04:19 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #5080: nunchuck lag - skyward sword
If I'm not mistaken, you're full of bullshit because Skyward Sword doesn't use the sensor bar, so sensitivity would h...
04:15 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #5107: [Suggestion]Gamecube controller and classic Wii.
How about you just use Alt+F5 whenever you don't want the emu to see a wiimote?

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