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02:15 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #5662: FTBFS on latest Windows SDK, PortAudio.lib links to ksguid.lib
This is resolved. Yeah that removes the reference to ksguid.lib.
This portaudio issue is definitely resolved since...


07:41 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #4922: TMNT: Fog is not rendered properly in all scenes leading to unplayable sections
That PR has been merged:


12:52 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #7916: Not detecting Enter in GPad/Wiimote Configuration
Just reading this myself. Sorry this issue is pretty unclear.
I'll just post a patch soon to fix it myself.


05:59 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #9941: FFV1 Full Resolution Frame Dumping on 6x Native (and up) generates empty AVI file
FFmpeg was updated to 3.2.4
Is this resolved then?
05:57 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #9745: Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo cannot save
This was merged now In:
03:22 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #6656: Need 2x versions of resource images
There's only a few files left to remake.
@Maylmilae Do you have these images done someplace?
03:14 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #7421: True crime New York city is DSI exception in stmw and imw
This should just be merged with Issue #7230
03:04 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #8320: Dolphin 4.0-5770 extremely long boot time
That bisect must be wrong.
This should likely be closed.


09:40 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #9249: Errors when running Monster Lab
This issue started from this commit:


07:55 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #9763: MMU and JITIL results in a black screen.
Sorry for not mentioning that in the report.
Just wanted to narrow it down to the first PR without the extra com...

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