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08:21 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #13147 (New): Core should not have a direct dependency on cubeb (CEXIMic)
**What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.**
Core currently has a dependency on cubeb through CEXIMic because...


02:20 AM Emulator Emulator Issues #13121 (Invalid): [Regression] Updater always fail with "Could not fetch current manifest. Aborting" since 5.0-17693 on Windows


09:37 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #11741 (Won't fix): Switch Pro controller axes are not detected fully in MacOS
Users should be using the SDL backend for game controllers rather than IOKit. It works much better and supports more ... OatmealDome
08:39 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #11239 (Fixed): Emulator is extremely slow on macOS Mojave DP2 only if the game window is focused
Unable to reproduce on latest dev build, issue report made on a (now) really old beta version of macOS, and no respon... OatmealDome
08:22 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #11291 (Won't fix): LEGO Star Wars (macOS): blue banner covers upper fifth of screen
OpenGL has been deprecated on macOS. If this issue still occurs on the Vulkan or Metal backends, please re-report. OatmealDome
07:12 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #11292 (Accepted): Qt/macOS: A few buttons that don't use the native system UI
While most of these buttons have been removed, there are still two instances of QToolButton being used: the Calibrate... OatmealDome
07:01 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #9286 (Fixed): AGL is deprecated fully since OS X 10.9
We already use CGL, since NSOpenGLContext is a wrapper over it. Our GLContextAGL class should actually be called GLCo... OatmealDome


08:32 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #10911 (Fixed): (DEV BUILD) GameCube BIOS OpenGL Issue
User reported issue to be fixed. OatmealDome
08:29 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #13037 (Questionable): Dolphin Crashes When Closing Emulation Window when Using Metal Backend
Not sure if this is actually related to the Metal backend. It looks like Dolphin is crashing while trying to show a p... OatmealDome
08:24 PM Emulator Emulator Issues #12345 (Fixed): The MacOS version keeps shutdown unexpectedly when real Wiiremote or emulated controller disconnect from the PC.
No response, assumed fixed. OatmealDome

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