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Feature request - standalone cheat files (.INI independent & maybe export to .GCT?)

Added by rukariosake over 7 years ago.

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Pretty annoying when I'm going to replace .INI's from newer Dolphin rev build and it will wipe out custom codes I've created within game's .INI file.

It'd be great when I was able to create and save custom codes in .TXT or .INI format (dedicated to Gecko OS codes) and then optionally export to .GCT to use for Gecko OS on my real Wii/U system. If that can be done too then I'll no longer need another application that has .GCT exporter.

I'd be very grateful if that's going to happen sometime in the future.


#1 Updated by pauldacheez over 7 years ago

The .ini system is currently being modified so that user .inis are replaced with files that only contain the differences from the original .inis, thus fixing your first issue. I can't officially say if exporting .gct files will ever be a thing or not, though.

#2 Updated by rukariosake over 7 years ago

Oh nice, that's something new to me. I'm sure my feature request is fulfilled now. No need to worry about GCT exporter too much I guess :P

Thank you for taking your time.

#3 Updated by BhaaL over 7 years ago

Even with global-user-dir in place, moving cheat codes and such out of the ini files still makes sense - especially as the "ini file" code has to bend and pretend to support those (as they arent key/value pairs).

Plus, .gct might make sense aswell.

#4 Updated by rukariosake over 7 years ago

Hmm yeah I would have to agree with that. It'd be better when cheat codes weren't in .INI's with line "[GeckoOS]" written in, but rather, they're in their own GAMEID files (.TXT's perhaps?) under User\GeckoOS\ folder.

I don't know if .GCT will work out because you can toggle cheats during in-game and updated .GCT may not be reloaded on that time (may also break savestates). Unless user is willing to only load codes at boot and don't change it until game emulation has ended.

#5 Updated by parlane over 7 years ago

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I'd be in support of this.

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