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Emulator Issues #10328 (New): [Feature Request]Sync Wii system language setting to netplay
When using other versions of region-lock Wii games (e.g. Japanese version of Super Mario Galaxy) on netplay, it just hangs on a black screen ... Wii system language setting in netplay mode. 06/11/2017 03:57 AM
Emulator Issues #10184 (New): Wii U Pro controller crash macOS Sierra
**Game Name?** Super Mario Galaxy **Game ID?** (right click the game in t ... bolt Bus: MacBook Pro, Apple Inc., 15.12 ~~~ 04/05/2017 12:22 AM
Emulator Issues #9193 (New): Dolphin tends to ... y elements while on fullscreen (Ubuntu 15.10)
**Game Name?** Mario Kart Double Dash, but seems to apply to any game. I have tried it on Super Mario Galaxy, Lost Winds and Zelda: Twilight Princess as well. **Game ID** Mario Kart Double Dash: GM4E01 **MD5 Hash** Mario Kart Double Dash: 8f4b2434444a89ae345ecba99d ... ore (see screenshots 1 and 2). One time with Super Mario Galaxy, the game music kept on playing, even though ... t steps will reproduce the problem?** Start Mario Kart Double Dash (probably works with any ga ... fter it froze. All of them are from the game Mario Kart Double Dash. The first two are after re ... fter changing the volume while on fullscreen. 12/22/2015 02:56 AM
Emulator Issues #9009 (Accepted): Tell users ... ollers for Wii games that don't support them.
I have no idea how to implement this, but at ... Then they attempt to play The Last Story or Super Mario Galaxy. I've even seen the opposite though, people ... um posts with this coming up again and again. 10/04/2015 02:19 PM
Emulator Issues #8899 (Accepted): White dots in game banners
We've discovered that -Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition (discovered by MaJoR) -Super Mario Galaxy -Super Smash Bros. Brawl Have or had the white d ... to Dolphin 4.0-78, but just discovered that Super Mario Galaxy have had the problem pre-4.0-78 that were lo ... o dot unlike Windows in the latest dev build. 08/24/2015 02:32 PM
Emulator Issues #8327 (Accepted): Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 - Roar shockwave does not display
<b>Game Name?</b> Super Mario Galaxy (2 as well, see additional info) <b>Ga ... reproduce the problem?</b> 1. Start a new Super Mario Galaxy game or begin the first level again 2. Fini ... nfirm the problem also exists on my hardware. 03/09/2015 04:27 AM
Emulator Issues #7976 (Accepted): [NZHLE] RPB mixing to an unknown buffer: 0e28 in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Title says it all. Happens as soon as you boot the game. 12/22/2014 05:37 AM
Emulator Issues #7743 (Accepted): Various Action Replay Codes and Gecko Codes don't work
<b>What's the problem? Describe what went wro ... ode specific buttons don't activate the code. 10/11/2014 10:53 PM
Emulator Issues #7576 (Questionable): Dolphin ... aded with a post-processing effect already on
<b>Game Name?</b> Smash Bros Brawl, Resident ... ames I have that do not suffer from this are Mario Galaxy 2, Wind Waker, Xenoblade, Star Fox Adventure ... ing that is just inconvenient to work around. 08/16/2014 03:39 PM
Emulator Issues #7143 (New): DualCore timing issues
<b>Game Name?</b> This likely affects almo ... GEAE8P New Play Control! Pikmin - R9IE01 Mario Party 5 - GP5E01 The Legend of Zelda: Twil ... eroes music can sometimes loop improperly Mario Party 5's music can hang. Will lead to a fr ... o hang entirely. I could list most games, Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 and the rest of the Zelda HLE games seem ... core won't exactly be a solution to them. 03/31/2014 01:59 AM