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Write some "Guide to new Dolphin developers" wiki page

Added by delroth over 10 years ago.

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We're missing a lot of documentation that would help people know more about how to develop for Dolphin. We should create a wiki page explaining the global architecture of the project, how to use the infrastructure, who knows what in the development team, etc.

I'll most likely start working on it tomorrow, but if someone wants to start before that, go for it :P

My current TODO of things to explain:

  • Our dev workflow with Git: master is kind of stable, everything that is going to be worked on for more than 1-2 days goes to a separate branch. No rebase/merge --ff on branches pushed to the main repository.

  • Tools: Buildbot (+ WIP builders), irrawaddy,

  • Code architecture: what goes in Core/VideoCommon/AudioCommon/Common/Plugins/...

  • Global overview of the several components involved in emulation and how they communicate

  • Getting people to test your code: how to properly maintain a thread in the development forums to get as many people as possible to report issues before merging, who to ping on IRC, known useful testers, etc.

  • Who knows what in the team: who are the implicit maintainers of a subsystem (example: if I change GL stuff I probably want to ask degasus first, if someone changes DSP HLE stuff he should probably ask me, etc.)

  • Who maintains the wiki and how to contact them

  • Website/server infrastructure: where is the source code, where is it hosted, who has access to it, backups policy, how to edit the FAQ, etc.

  • Release process?

  • Translation: who is admin on Transifex, how to merge the translations from Transifex to the Dolphin codebase, etc.

  • [Add your ideas here]

Actions #1

Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 10 years ago

Feel free to use this or totally disregard it, but it's not complete.

Developers who specialize in particular aspects of Dolphin:

Delroth - DSP/Graphics/Other
Degasus - OpenGL/General Graphics Knowledge
NeobrainX/no_cluez - Dx9/DX11/General Graphics Knowledge/Other/No Cares
Sonicadvance1 - OpenGL/ARM/General Graphics Knowledge/Other
Billiard - Controllers/Other
Parlane - Wii System/Other
Skid_au - FIFO/Core/Other
RachelB - UI/TAS/Other
Glennricster - Translations

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Updated by twocows360 over 10 years ago

Another thing that would be helpful would be a listing of issues and other development items that could be reasonably tackled by someone new to the project.

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Updated by nwplayer123 almost 9 years ago

Bump, now would be as good a time as ever to get this out of the way. It'll be easier to keep track of things too. It's kinda been worked on with but there's still a lot more to document.


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